TREMAINE & ASSOCIATES, INC. is an environmental & geotechnical company established in 1994, with offices & affiliates in California and the western United States.

Conventional archaeological methodsareusually supplemented with monitoring, excavation & mitigation costs when new, often buried culturally sensitive materials are discovered during testing and construction. The data recovery process can cost many thousands of dollars causing days and sometimes weeks of project Change Orders & delays. We offer an alternative to these costly practices,TREMAINE doesUnderground Surveys™.We combine our patented mobile geophysics technologies with proven archaeological methods to detect,characterize & interpret what we see in the ground. This up-frontintelligence can give your Design, Planning and Construction groups the means to establish baseline data of the project site, the opportunity to develop your plan or work-arounds and complete only the necessary mitigations before construction begins & schedules and budgets are set. Knowing what's in the ground before construction begins will save your projectthousands of dollars in Change Order delays and costs.

TREMAINE is a full-serviceenvironmental planning, archaeology & geotechnical services company for all scales of public and privatecapital development projects. With our nearly 20 year's experience & patented geophysics technologies we candetect & mapa variety of soil types and subsurface landforms, detect & characterize archaeological & historical features, and modern infrastructure such as pipes & cables. As a bonus we can detect the surface affects of failing or leaking pipes & tanks, detecting potential voids & substance plumes caused by water & petroleum products. This unusual combination of archaeological & geotechnical methods provides unprecedentedexplanatory power and is an important reason why our site characterization studies are superior and far less costly than conventional archaeological or geoengineering practices alone. Select Vision,for a discussion our business perspectives.

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